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Data Science Master Course in Pune, India

A Master level Data Science, Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence course in Pune - 170 Hrs Training

Our Data Science Master Course in Pune is the combination of two of our courses such as "Data Science Professional Course" and "Deep Learning with TensorFlow using Python course", which will prepare you for a Data Scientist role, who needs to have a solid understanding of Data streaming, processing and discovering, Data exploration, Data extraction, cleaning, munging, and applying Machine Learning and advanced Artificial Intelligence - Deep Learning concepts, visualizing patterns, predictions and ultimately transforming data into business insights.

This Data Science Master training course provides an end to end knowledge and skills requirements for various steps and processes involved in handling Big Data, implementing Data Science & Data Analytics, developing capabilities to choose and optimize statistical machine learning models to forecast, predict and prescribe business insights from Big Data. In addition, this course provides knowledge and skills on advanced machine learning algorithms that is termed as Deep Learning. Deep Learning is an advanced implementation of Machine Learning using lots of data to teach computers to solve problems of perception like image recognition, image segmentation, speech recognition, object recognition, natural language processing(NLP), understanding natural language and documents and ranking them for search, machine translation, search engines, computer assistants etc. and expanding its reach into robotics, pharmaceuticals-discovering new medicines, energy, and all other fields of contemporary technology. You will also be given a good coverage of learning GPU Programming and TensorFlow to use in Deep Learning. One of the incredible technologies and open source software library, Google has introduced is TensorFlow, that leverage Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, mostly used for Machine Learning, neural networks and deep learning applications and applicable to a much wider range of Artificial Intelligence use cases as well.

We will be happy to guide and mentor aspirants from any background to devise a career path by pursuing a best artificial intelligence course in india.

This Data Science Master course training provides sufficient hands on experience in machine learning (supervised and unsupervised) and techniques using Deep Learning with Python and utilization of TensorFlow. It widens the opportunity of getting a Data Scientist role in the industry.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Learn R programming, Advanced Excel and Scientific Python for Data Science.
  • Understand Data Science process and Analytics Life Cycle.
  • Work with different data formats learnt from this Data Analytics Course.
  • Learn tools and techniques for data transformation and visualization.
  • Understand Descriptive and Inferential Statistical Concepts & their application.
  • Understand Data Mining techniques and their implementation.
  • Understand Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence.
  • Learn and appraise various Machine Learning algorithms and modeling process.
  • Learn statistical model building and optimization techniques.
  • Learn how to process data to arrive at a model and how the resulting model can be applied to new data.
  • Analyze data using Machine Learning algorithms in R and scientific Python.
  • Discover patterns from data, make predictions, and communicate business insights.
  • Understand role of a Data Scientist.
  • Unleash the power by deriving Value from Big Data.
  • Able to build Data Analytics products.
  • Understand core concepts of Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning techniques.
  • Learn GPU programming and implement Deep Learning using TensorFlow.
  • Explore deep neural networks and layers of data abstraction.
  • Real-world contextualization through some Deep Learning use cases concerning research and application.
  • Access public datasets and use TensorFlow to load, process, and transform data.
  • Explore reinforcement learning techniques and train machines quickly to learn from data.
  • Evaluate performance of your Deep Learning models.

Data Scientist is an intellectually stimulating career that has incredibly high demand. Our Data Science Master course caters an industry credential.

This Data Science Master course curriculum is the most in-depth, technical, thorough and comprehensive. It does not stop at the conceptual overviews, rather provides in-depth knowledge along with adequate hands-on practice sessions. Topics to be covered in this course are followings;

Data Science fundamentals, Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, R Programming, Python Programming for Data Science, Advanced Excel, Statistical Concepts & Applications, Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, ANOVA, statistical pattern recognition, Predictive Modelling techniques, Analytics tools & technologies, Analytics project lifecycle, Machine Learning Algorithms using R and Python, Data Visualization with Tableau, Machine Learning in Cloud, Deep Learning - Neural Networks, TensorFlow, TensorBoard, Autoencoders, Custom Metrics, Natural Language Processing Course [NLP], Object Recognition, multiple Real Time Projects along with interview preparation and resume building sessions, preparing you to overpower the ultimate position in the analytics industry.

Aspiring professionals of any educational background with an analytical frame of mind, minimum understanding of programming concepts and willingness to learn statistical concepts with mathematical aptitude are enough as pre-requisite to learn this course.

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Earn a certificate of completion at end of this data science course training and will also get necessary support for preparation of any external data analytics certification, like data science certification, data scientist certification, or big data certifications. Placement support is provided to the deserving candidates post completion of the course.

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