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Machine Learning Internship in Pune

Machine Learning Internship Programme with Multiple Projects Experience

Are you looking for Hands-on experience on Machine Learning Projects ?

You may have completed an online course or classroom training on a Data Analytics course in Pune or gone through some MOOC's. However, you don’t know where to start a Data Science Project. You know Data Science is the art of turning data into actions - but seriously confused which action to take first and what’s the next. You want to start working on a data set, yet you're not quite sure what to do with it. NO WORRY!

So far, you did a great job by taking up a Data Science training. You're just starting out, so it's hard to know where to really start or what to do once you have a data set. Your current state of confusion is obvious and its part of the learning process.

Generally, in interviews, Data Scientist aspirants are evaluated based on their project work and not just certification(s) that they have put in their resume. This is the area where many people find challenging!

It is of not much value if you are preparing for interview questions with ideal answers, without hands-on. Essentially, you need to make your hands dirty!

You need a mentor. Enroll in our Data Science Project internship programme and get solid hands-on experience with the help of close guidance of our mentors. After completion, you will be able to showcase your future employer the necessary Data Science skills along with project experience with confidence.

Project Internship Programme details:

This programme will kick off with a detailed explanation of CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) methodology of Data Science project lifecycle and the same will be followed in each project. Mentor will explain the domain along with the use case details along with the deliverables expected from each phase of projects. Continuously guide and help in coding, perform code review and necessary hand holding for successful completion of assignments, discuss critical points, conduct mock interview session for each project and guide how to describe your projects in your resume.

>> Duration: 2 Months

>> Number of Projects to complete: 3 (Choose any 3 Projects from a variety of problems from different domains)

>> Business Domains: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Automotive, Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, Support, HR, Generic

>> Certificate: Experience certificate will be provided upon successful completion.

>> Fees details may be obtained from any of our training centres.

>> Individual need based duration: Those who are looking for an internship programme for any specific duration for academic fulfilment or otherwise, may repeat our 2 months programme multiple times as required with unique use cases each time. For example if you are looking for 6 months internship programme, you may enroll for 3 such programmes of 2 months each. Contact us for any further queries.

Selection Procedure: Aspirants, those who have completed any Data Science course in Pune or from anywhere else may join this programme, however need to qualify in our selection procedure, in which relevant knowledge assessment is done before enrollment.

Those who are searching any of the followings may reach out to us for their training requirements:

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