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HR Analytics Course in Pune

Leverage the power of Analytics in HR - Perform Diagnostic Analytics, Predictive HR Analytics and Prescriptive HR Analytics

What is HR Analytics?

HR Analytics (HRA) is about analyzing data associated with Human Resource (HR) in a systematic way to make better business decisions. The HR Analytics process involves identifying right data points in Human Resource functions, gathering relevant data, structuring and refining the data to carry out Diagnostic HR Analytics, Predictive HR Analytics and Prescriptive HR Analytics to determine the effectiveness of HR functions in the light of organizational business objectives. HR Analytics becomes a sound base for management strategy and for taking important decisions for organizational growth.

Why HR Analytics?

In recent years, industries started realizing the importance of measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of each and every HR function and linking it to the organizational objectives. In the past, HR Analytics used to take a back seat as compared to the data analysis of other functions like Sales or Finance as the focus of Business Units has always been the Top line figure and the Bottom line figure. HR Department has been seen mostly as a support function and has been the most ignored one.

What is most essential is availability of data. The organizations who have done automation/digitalization of HR functions in early stages are the ones who seem to have captured significant data over a period of time. Such organizations at least have some data to analyze and make meaningful trends out of it, which would become a base for important business decisions.

Our HR Analytics course in Pune will help HR professionals to identify what data to capture, how to analyze it and how well to present it to the decision makers of the organization.

In our HR Analytics course in Pune, you will learn to identify the lag indicators and lead indicators linkable to organizational objectives in every HR Function and take a deep dive into the data and analyze it in various ways using various tools/methods and getting various effectiveness and efficiency scores which would form an integral part of organizations business score card.

Why MARSIAN Technologies?

Leader in Analytics/Data Science/Artificial Intelligence

Since its inception in February 2014, MARSIAN Technologies has been a proven leader as far as the trainings in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Analytics goes.

We have been providing value added trainings to students and professionals from various disciplines like Engineering, Management, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare etc.

Best Trainers

For providing HR Analytics Training, we have a team of Passionate Data Scientists and HR Professionals who are technically and functionally competent and research minded who aim at continuously adding value to the content and delivery methods through innovation.

More Focus on Hands-on

The real success of HR Analytics training is the ability of the participants to practically implement in their routine work, the knowledge gained during the training. We therefore, focus more on providing hands-on practice to the participants by providing them with data and coaching them to carry out meaningful analytics during the training itself.

Post Training engagement

The real challenge for every participant begins when they try to implement HR Analytics in their routine work on their actual data in their organization. We continue our engagement with the participants even after completion of the training to help them effectively implement the HR Analytics in line with their respective organizational objectives.

Who should attend the HR Analytics trainings?

Any working HR Professional or Management student desirous of making a career in HR Analytics can attend our HR Analytics training in Pune.

Duration and Fees for HR Analytics course

>> Duration: 50 hours

>> Fees details may be obtained from any of our training centres.

>> Course completion certificate will be provided upon successful completion.

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